Strengths and Challenges in Communicating (Final)

27 May 2017 [EDIT]

Communication by definition is the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium, such as telephone lines or computers.

My own definition of communication is the idea of a communicator being brought forward to one or more communicator through a medium. If an idea fails to reach the intended recipient the way you want your recipient to receive it, then it is a failure in communication.

In this post, I would like to share more about my personal views on my own strengths in communications and the challenges I face while communicating with others or rather more of my weakness in communications.

My strengths in communication are of understanding the situation speedily and having a grasp of what is wrong in communications between other communicators. A third party usually has a better understanding of a dispute that happened in front of their eyes but that is someone else’s communications and not mine. This strength makes me a good mediator with the skills of understanding a situation better as a third party. Being a mediator is not an easy task if either party in an argument would not give in, and personally, I felt that I am a slightly above average mediator if a problem would occur between my friends and I would be confident enough to help them out and explain the problems of each party and what they are wrong at. An example could be two of my friends got into an argument and both are so stubborn that giving them a clear picture of what is wrong and what is right, but neither party wants to accept the fact and get the problem solved.

My weakness lies in not being able to understand my own communications as well as being able to listen to others. It is difficult for me to understand another person’s view when I have a clear picture in my mind of the same idea while conversing. This usually makes my conversation with others awkward and thus breaking down eventually as we both have different images in our mind. This is definitely what causes most of my communications breakdown in my conversations with others. The other weakness is bringing up or mentioning unimportant stuff that would affect other’s mood. Not being sensitive enough in my own conversations as I tend to bring up unnecessary things that could affect another person’s emotions. This sensitivity issue could sometimes cause unnecessary harm to others.

Personal Goals
With a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, my goals in this course are to understand more of my own conversations and be able to look at them like how I look at others’ by gaining communications tools in this course and applying it in my life. Lastly, instead of being someone who spoils the mood in a party, I would want to think even more before I speak by learning more about communications in this course.


2 thoughts on “Strengths and Challenges in Communicating (Final)”

  1. Thank you, Alvin, for sharing this reflection on your communication strengths and weaknesses. As for a strength, you focus on your skills for mediating, which are certainly valuable. What I feel is missing though is how you do this mediating, i.e., what the component skills are for you as you do such mediating. You do provide an example, but I’m not sure that you give enough detail here.

    You also mention what you see as some weaknesses, including the challenge of being able to listen most effectively and to be sensitive. In light of your perceived talent for mediating, I wonder if you’re not underselling yourself.

    In any case, it seems that you have worthy goals for the module. I look forward to working with you this term.


    1. Thanks Brad!

      I am definitely not underselling myself, as I couldn’t perceive what is wrong that is happening to me but what I feel that I can is to understand other’s problems better than my own.


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